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Who are we?

Established in May 2019 under the roof of Rainbow Polycarbonate with our 27 years of experience, Garden Plastic Wrought Iron; It serves you, our valued customers, with its experienced administrative, technical personnel and factory that produces at high standards.

Our company, which takes customer satisfaction as a basic principle on this path we set out with the idea of "Bringing Quality Together with Aesthetics", can manufacture in any desired color and size in line with your demands.

Plastic Wrought-Iron

They are fence systems that are produced with standard pattern molds using polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) raw materials and strengthened with galvanized steel fasteners. Thanks to the UV-added High Density Polypropylene raw material, it does not rust, the paint does not require maintenance and is resistant to climatic conditions. Polypropylene, which is formed by the polymerization of Monomer Propylene; It is very resistant to acid, base and high temperature. It is used with peace of mind even in coastal towns where humidity is intense, and in areas where air temperatures are high in summer. It is resistant to -70°C and +70°C. Thus, elements such as fading and abrasion do not occur in their colors. One of its most important features is that it is durable and aesthetic. It is offered to your liking in many color varieties. At the same time, it is very easy to install and transport with our package system.

Plastic Wrought Iron Usage Area

It is frequently preferred for security and aesthetic purposes in wall and floor applications of buildings such as villas, apartments, sites, schools, hospitals, hotels, retaining walls, beach edges, park and garden surroundings, roadsides, and industrial zones, etc..

Polycarbonate Products

The best properties of polycarbonate include high impact resistance, good optical clarity and excellent fire performance. Polycarbonate Hollow Sheets are also commonly referred to as structural polycarbonate or Hollow polycarbonate, cellular polycarbonate, ducted polycarbonate and multilayer polycarbonate. The name "cellular" is used because of the structure of polycarbonate itself. The air remaining in the space (cell) between the separator walls inside the polycarbonate plate provides thermal insulation properties, and the filler (separator) that forms these walls provides both structural rigidity and flexibility to the polycarbonate plate. Polycarbonate Hollow sheets provide a higher level of polishing performance where transparency is of high importance with high impact resistance. The fact that these plates have new and excellent properties such as physical, mechanical and electrical increases their position in the building and decoration industry. These products are sold all over the world and make a great contribution to the lives of consumers. These products, which can be used in all areas, have become the ideal option in coating areas in hospitals, sports fields and public infrastructure projects. It can be used on all transparent and textured surfaces.

Uses of Polycarbonate Corrugated sheets

  • Sunshades in stadiums and bus stops

  • Lighting in corridors, passages and subway entrances

  • Bank ATMs

  • Sound and heat insulation for buildings such as houses

  • Tents for greenhouses and zoos

  • Polycarbonate sheets used for building and decoration materials, greenhouse materials and insulation material blocks

  • Walls and roofs of greenhouses, department stores, show centers and telephone booths, insulation shield of intercity roads and highways

  • Office buildings, hotels, villas, stadiums, schools, bus stations, terminals, hospitals, subway entrances and exit doors, etc.


The practical porch above the door is available in different colors and visuals. The contents of the practical over-door porch consist of three main parts: the load-bearing column, the top coating and the bars for joining the two columns. The porch, which provides protection against the negative effects of weather conditions such as sunlight and rain, is very important. It is assembled with different materials and used. The carriage that holds the upper canopy part of the practical porch is called the porch leg. When mounted on the wall, it provides adhesion thanks to its columns. The other part is known as the upper canopy.

The content of the polycarbonate porch, which is constantly renewed and produced in accordance with the current conditions and therefore frequently preferred in the production of porch products today, is as follows;


Building and apartment door entrances, In villas and detached buildings, In front of windows, Mosques and prayer areas, In factories and workshops, In front of terraces and large balconies, Warehouse entrances, Shipment entrances and exits, etc. It is a portable solution for door and window fronts. It is durable.


It is designed and produced in the most suitable way for your project.

Deck Fence

What is WPC?

WPC products, as the name suggests, are composite products formed with a mixture of wood and plastic. Composite material combines the natural and stylish appearance of wood with the durable and long-lasting structure of plastic; It offers more than ordinary elegance. Unlike wood products, it has been developed to produce maintenance-free, non-slip and non-splinter products. In order to obtain the wood dust used in the production of WPC, the tree is not cut down, but the wood shavings left over from production are used. WPC products, including the plastics inside, are produced from 100% recycled material. In other words, it is environmentally friendly. WPC products are resistant to abrasion, rot, adverse weather conditions and insecticide.

  • It has a woody appearance due to the wood dust it contains.

  • It is more flexible than wood.

  • It has high resistance to water and moisture.

  • Thanks to water and moisture resistance, algae and rotting do not appear.

  • It is resistant to pressure.

  • Maintenance requirements are very low.

  • Compared to wood, its life is longer.

  • It is antibacterial and has no carcinogenic effect.

  • Thanks to its recycling feature, it is environmentally friendly.

  • Railings

  • Flower beds

  • Pool sides

  • Park gardensr

  • Garden Walkways

  • Café, restaurant and shopping mall floor coverings

  • Pergolas

  • Gazebos

  • Piers

  • Street benchesı

  • Dog kennels

  • Sunbathing areas on beaches

  • Terrace closures

  • In the construction of prefabricated houses

Garden Greenhouse

Aluminum Profiles / Galvanized steel and fasteners are used as greenhouse frames due to their bright and stylish appearance and high durability. You can grow many fruits, vegetables and plants by applying the right methods in hobby greenhouses that you can use in your garden or balcony.

Polycarbonate is a unique engineering thermoplastic with high levels of mechanical, visual and thermal properties. Advantages as a greenhouse material;

  • It transmits sunlight in the best way, does not cause light loss through phenomena such as absorption and transmission.

  • It keeps the heat inside the greenhouse at the highest level.

  • It does not create moisture on the inner surface of the greenhouse.

  • Easy to clean when dirty.

  • It is not heavy as a covering material.

  • Easy to carry and easy to assemble.

  • It is not easily deformed and has a long service life.

  • When deterioration occurs for any reason, it can be easily replaced.


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