Polycarbonate Roof Panels

These panels are the ideal way to make the most of daylight in places where daylight is needed, such as industrial buildings. Any potential damage to the cladding can be very dangerous and costly, but the Rainbow Roof Panel provides excellent protection against hailstones, contempt and accidental damage. It is up to 125 times more durable than glass. This durability is valid throughout the service life, even at high temperature differences. Rainbow Roof Panel does not lose its physical properties even in extreme weather conditions, making it an ideal coating system used worldwide. This panel can withstand extreme temperatures such as -40 °C and 100 °C for a long time; it is also resistant to temperatures up to 130 °C, albeit for a short time. Its high impact resistance and resistance to temperature changes distinguish it from other coating materials. The Rainbow Roof Panel has a high-performance UV (Ultraviolet ray) absorbing layer and is extruded together from the mold on the outer surface of the panel. This protective layer prevents harmful UV radiation from reaching the board for a long time, thus ensuring that visual clarity and mechanical strength are maintained. With a light transmission of 52% for clear panels and a low insulation value of 1.60 W/mq°K, the Rainbow Roof Panel maximizes the use of natural light energy. The panel’s highly insulating structure helps to regulate the internal temperature for a more efficient heating and cooling system. However, the panel allows natural light to enter the building and also reduces the need for artificial light. This use of natural lights reduces CO2 emissions and the environmental impact of a building. Polycarbonate has good resistance to many chemicals (other than solvents and alkalis), so it makes it easy to use even in harsh conditions. Rainbow Roof Panel has excellent fire performance, in case of any fire, it will loosen and open and ensure that smoke, heat and gases released by fire are expelled. This air evacuation feature means that the damage inside the buildings can be stopped at a certain point.

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