Polycarbonate Solid Sheets

Solid polycarbonate is impact resistant and weighs less than glass with a density of 1.2 kg mm/m2. Solid polycarbonate sheets, which are produced with or without UV protection according to indoor and outdoor spaces, provide a price advantage thanks to their optional production. Cold and hot bendable solid polycarbonate sheets are very suitable for use in places where safety is of utmost importance. It has an excellent light transmission.


  • Unbreakable
  • It has a light transmittance of up to 92%
  • Thanks to its UV protection, it retains its color for many years
  • It is flame retardant
  • It has a processing temperature between -40 and +115
  • Easy to process, store, use and install
  • Resistant to natural conditions

UV-irradiated Rainbow Solid Polycarbonate sheets:

Double-sided UV protection ensures long life and high durability against natural conditions. This quality has a 10-year warranty.bir garantisi vardır.

Standard size: : 2050mmx3050mm
Available thickness : 2-15 mm

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