PMMA Sheet (Plastic Glass)

  1. Acrylic sheet is among the quality polymers that have 5 times more durability than glass along with flexibility.
  2. Another feature for this substance is sound and heat insulation, so that the heat transfer rate between acrylic sheets and the area is 10% less than that of glass.
  3. The lightness, color stability and resistance of acrylic sheets to weather factors such as sunlight and chemical factors such as acids, oils and cleaning agents make them a good alternative to glass in industries and construction areas.

PMMA Sheet (Plastic Glass) Uses

The light-emitting and polished surface of acrylic sheets, which has light transmission properties, provides an aesthetic appearance. Some uses of acrylic sheets are: Suspended ceiling, skylight, windows, billboards, bathroom, kitchen cabinet, aquariums, phone booths, etc.

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