Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate is a unique engineering thermoplastic with high levels of mechanical, visual and thermal properties. The fact that this material is very useful has made it suitable for use in many engineering applications. The properties of corrugated polycarbonate sheet, such as aesthetics and durability, have made it an ideal material for use in areas such as roofing and burnishing.

Standard sheet sizes and weights

Corrugated polycarbonate sheet is produced in various colors and degrees of transparency to meet the most suitable roofing and finishing requirements.

Thermal Properties

Service Temperature

Rainbow multilayer polycarbonate can be used at variable temperatures. However, it is known that the mechanical performance of the material remains stable during long-term use and at temperatures from -40 °C to +120°C.

Thermal Expansion

The linear expansion coefficient of polycarbonate material is 6.7×10-5 m/m°C. This means that in a delta at a temperature of 50°C, the thermal expansion of the plate per linear meter is about 3 mm.

c. Thermal insulation and U-Value

Thermal insulation can be defined as resistance to adverse effects caused by the temperature difference between two substances. When we look at MWPC (Corrugated Polycarbonate), we see that thermal insulation is important in materials used in areas where the external temperature and the internal temperature are different from each other. Closed structures such as sunbathing halls and indoor swimming pools can be given as examples of places where thermal insulation is important. U- or R-Values are the coefficients that determine the heat loss of the walls of a building when burnishing. If the U-Value decreases, the thermal insulation increases.

Optical Specifications

Solar factor g-Value

The g-Value indicates how much of the sun’s rays hitting the plate are converted into heat. If the g-value increases, the potential for yield from the sun increases.


According to DIN 52210-75, the maximum obtainable sound transmission classes for a certain thickness are as follows. The values are the results of standard weights.

Fire Performance

Polycarbonate corrugated sheet has good fire resistance properties and has obtained high scores from some major fire performance tests, you can see the results below.

Protection Against UV Rays

Radiation from the sun contains a harmful component, including UV rays, which cause the degradation of many polymeric materials, including polycarbonate. This is mostly related to factors such as geographical locations, seasons, etc. Polycarbonate sheets feature a co-extruded UV absorption and protection layer, which provides long-term stability against harmful UV rays, protects against external weathering, and retains the original color and light transmission in accelerated weathering wear tests, as shown in the graphs below.

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