Garden Plast
About Us

Established in May 2019 under the roof of Rainbow Polycarbonate with our 27 years of experience, Garden Plastic Wrought Iron; It serves you, our valued customers, with its experienced administrative, technical personnel and factory that produces at high standards.

Our company, which takes customer satisfaction as a basic principle on this path we set out with the idea of "Bringing Quality Together with Aesthetics", can manufacture in any desired color and size in line with your demands.

With our solid infrastructure, knowledge, experienced staff and teams, we offer you economical and quality products.

With our R&D studies, we add new products to our product range and present them to your liking. Our company, which is always open to innovation and development with our TSE certified products, aims to bring a new breath and understanding to the sector.



As Garden Plastik Wrought Iron family; Our main mission is to produce quality, aesthetic and economical products with the principle of customer satisfaction with our professional team that is always open to innovation and development.


  • Reliability and Honesty
  • Continuous Development and Creativity
  • Customer Orientation
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Quality, Aesthetics and Affordability


To have a share in the national and international market with our solid infrastructure and broad vision.